My name is Tory Lowe
and I am “one man partnering with the people to make the world better”.

I serve my community through journalistic advocacy and activism. In simple terms, I fight for victims. Victims of loss, injustice, crime, abuse, and marginalization.

I want the world to be better, but I know it will never be better voluntarily – someone has to fight to change the status quo and bring justice, equity, and results.

I would love to tell you that I do it for absolutely no reason…but that wouldn’t be true. I’m a father and my kids have to live in this world. Having been raised in the church I was taught that the seeds you plant determine your harvest so I can’t care about my daughters’ safety and not care about the other daughters in the community. I can’t want my sons to grow up without fear of violence and injustice while turning a blind eye when injustice plagues the sons of those around me.

I’m here for all of us.
All colors. All people. All victims.

Allow me to be transparent. I receive hundreds of calls, texts, inboxes, and emails every day. I work to exhibit journalistic integrity in everything that I report. However, there are times in which in an effort to be expedient there may be information that after further investigation has to be corrected or retracted to continue to provide the most accurate information available to provide the desired result – justice for victims.

Real-time, digital journalistic activism is distinctly different from traditional media sourcing because we are often dealing with real-time life and death situations where minutes matter.

 Be patient with me as I attempt to navigate these waters.

I am committed to partnering with YOU to make a difference in the community.
I’m doing my part – are you willing to do yours?