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For 9 years I’ve never asked for anything from any of the families that I’ve assisted. As my work load has increased over the years, 2018 was the most overwhelming in terms of even more people requesting my brand of service. I now receive calls from all across the country for my expertise on different community issues.

I have always paid the bulk of the expenses for assisting those in need, but since the work is expanding and the demand is even greater now then it has ever been. I need your financial support. I’m asking those who follow me and know the work that is going on in my community and across the country to help support the mission to assist those in need.

I am currently developing a plan for 2019 on how to better assist our community and will then need volunteers to help assist with community emergencies that I am called to. I am independent and believe that we as citizens can do this ourselves. I’m by request and not apart of any organization or political party. Lastly All Glory to God. I am (documented) the most requested advocate in the State of Wisconsin.

How to donate:
My Cash App $UniteorDie, or paypal.me/ToryLowe to assist with the daily cost and travel expenses. I need your support. Give whatever you can. It all goes to Support the work being done.

Give whatever you can.