One of the blessings of having demonstrated results is additional demand.

Every day I get more calls, more requests, and more cries for help. In the beginning, I was able to balance the requests, needed supplies, color flyers for missing children and veterans, travel expenses, assistance and legal fees from my own pocket.

However, as I seek to serve more people through my journalistic activism I have come to the realization that additional tools and resources are always needed and must be welcomed.

If you would like to help, please consider donating.

Help Me to Help Others

This donation is to assist with the journalistic activism of Tory Lowe. I understand that this is NOT a tax-deductible donation but simply a way to be of assistance. Send donations to my Cash App $UniteorDie, or to assist. I need your support. Give whatever you can. It all goes to Support the work being done.