911 call of Joel Acevedo being choked by Milwaukee police officer Michael Mattioli has been released.

Send up prayers for the family of Joel Acevedo tonight. Ben Crump and Attorney B’Ivory LaMarr released the 911 call of Joel’s murder today by Milwaukee police officer Michael Mattioli. Mattioli was assisted by Andrew Jankowski, and Christopher Peters who took part in his death. Andrew and Christopher should also be arrested and charged with the murder of Joel Acevedo.

This 911 call is clear evidence that Joel asked to go home, and was denied. Then placed in a chokehold for over 11 minutes. While his feet was being held down. I spoke to Joel’s parents today and words could not explain how they feel right now.

We won’t stop until we get justice. The way Milwaukee has handled these rogue cop situations is appalling. We will continue the fight for Justice here in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Pray strength and encouragement for this family. 🙏🏾

Click link to hear 911 call.

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