25 year old Joel Acevedo

There are still two other people who still need to be arrested on homicide charges in the Joel Acevedo murder. Christopher Peters and Andrew Janowski who is a PO officer on Port Washington Rd. These men were holding Joel down while officer Michael Mattioli choked him to death as Joel begged them to allow him to go home this past April. They jumped Joel and were all involved in taking his life. The corrupt Milwaukee DA’s office is trying to use the two men as witnesses for officer Mattioli to get him off for the murder of Joel Acevedo.

Officer Michael Mattioli

This is no different from the other officers being arrested for being involved in the wrongful death of George Floyd. These men were not tested for drugs and alcohol and able to leave the scene with out being arrested. Mind you this was a Cop house party with alcohol and drugs during a safer at home order. Witnesses even say that they saw a stripper leave running from the house that night.
Some witnesses estimate there were a dozen or more people at the party.

Justice for Joel Acevedo

This is so wrong and we the people can’t allow this. The police murder has to stop and the DA’s office is working on behalf of the killer cops. Also they won’t release the body cam footage or the 911 call of that night which shows Joel was pleading for his life while being murdered by these 3 individuals. We want Christopher Peters and PO officer Andrew Janowski arrested immediately and the body camera footage and 911 call released now.


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