Jelani Muhammad former employee of Molson Coors.

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Dear Tory Lowe

I was an employee at Molson Coors for 4 years. I recently quit to save my life. The harassment, and hostile work environment I was exposed to almost made me lose my mind. I worked closely with all the individuals involved. Usually when we are being harassed at Miller we are isolated from other black workers. I was in the meeting when management talked about the noose and other situations of racial discrimination that were continuously swept under the rug.

Many black employees were subjected to racist rhetoric, treated less then second class citizens. I even considered suicide due to being emotionally subjected to being harassed in a racially charged work environment. I want the people to know the truth about what goes on inside Miller Coors. I’m hoping that situations like the recent shooting were 6 people lost their lives will never happen again.
The people need to know what was really going on.

Jelani Muhammad


👑: This is very disturbing to hear about how many black employees are subjected to this type of work environment at Molson Coors. Please share this post.


  1. This is very very sad and angers me because I’ve moved to Oshkosh and the same thing happens here and there is nothing you can do because the white folks stick together. Wisconsin is NOT for educated, visionary’s, hardworking Brown people at all.


  2. I’m praying for you all and working with people that does not is everyday we all as black people should not have to work like that it’s very sad and I feel that this man was treated badly dispirit what he did prayers


  3. This is HEARTBREAKING💔☹️😢😭😭😭 One if his co-workers, a white woman, spoke out about the abuse this man suffered & she told the other workers, “Knock it off! You’re not doing this around me!” When they called this man the N-word frequently & left a noose in the bathroom or by his locker….ABSOLUTELY REPREHENSIBLE!!!😠😡😡😡🤬


  4. I understand * because some job’s are not taking this seriously in *Harassment* Bigotry and Rasist Individuals on the Job… This Gentleman did what he had to do to save his * Manhood* meaning *Respect.. Caucasians Devil’s need to know this the tip of the *Ice Berd* We are tired of this Cowardly Act* by Bigotry and Evil* This Human Being* went to work to provide for his Family** Not to be *Harass on the Job.. The Manager’s that knew this was going on* is the cause of this * Incident !!!


  5. I worked at GE HEALTHCARE, my stress levels were so high, I suffered from the Panic attacks. I pray every day not to get into a car accident going to and from work. It was a living hell for me. Today I’m retired. I totally understand what you have gone through. I pray things will get better in the workplace who just go there to work without all the stress.


  6. Racism and bullying rears it’s ugly head in so many ugly ways not just in the workforce but in our school systems as an employee and student, but one of the most hurtful forms of racism and bullying is when it takes place in your own family. Since 10 years old I was not only bullied at home everyday then went to school and was bullied every single day. As life went on I began my career working for a large school district (I won’t mention the name lol), I saw central office administration use racism as well as bullying on staff to force them into suffering or eventyally leave, then administrators at the school levels used racism and bullying tactics on their own staff continually which trickled down to colleague on colleague which led to colleague on students. As this story brings out the real truths I ask myself was I ever capable of hurting someone or myself due to my daily pain which began at 10 and never ended, yes I was. It look back to the bullying and racism in my home it came upon me did I ever think of suidide, no, murder yes many years ago I wanted to murder the first person who bullied me a man who also used unbelievabley horrible racist language that I never really understood living in an all caucasian city of 2500 people racism was used by many in this snall community as I began to understand later they didn’t understand anything that didn’t exist in that small town. As I stood over him that dark night while he laid and snored I was ready to insert that kitchen knife deep into him to end the pain he brought me by being the first person to ever bully me. It was a dark cold winter night it was all I could take I walked down those long stairs to the kitchen grabbed a knife gripped it tight, tiptoed to his room stood over him raised my hand to the air and then I heard a slight whimper which turned into a louder cry, I knew she needed my attention and left his side to tend to her. I didn’t know it then but I know it now my higher being kept me from that end. I put the knife back held her tight and cried for hours and those same tears I shed everyday and even today where no different than the the ones I shed everyday. As he continued to sleep I knew nothing would change him. Then came the day I had my baby half black and half white he told me I could never bring that n***** child by him. Then finally came the day we bured him and I felt by burying him I’d bury all the pain and memories but here I am 62 I think of his mean, ugly ways everyday and then it hurts even worse when I hear of another person who has had to suffer as I did but his suffering led to actual death I don’t know what would have happened to me if I had inserted that knife deep into him. Where would I be dead or locked away, I know your feeling of pain you felt I wish you would’ve listened to him but often it’s too unbearable as many pray for the lost lives I do as well, but I pray for you and the many others who have suffered as we have. RIP my friend


  7. As a senior living in Milwaukee more than 45 years…we know exactly what went on without anyone telling us…the minority employees believe that they have found a family sustainable job in the city only to discover that it is hell to maintain under the pressures of their fellow racist employees…


  8. Thanks, Tory Lowe for being a voice to the voiceless. I was overwhelmed when Jalani inform me he was working with you to help him spread his story. As his father and father of my other two sons who recently worked for Miller Coors, I have the past 8 years counseled them of various methods to fight white racism aggression in our society.

    Especially in the case of Miller’s workforce racial harassment which they all experience and witness. As a father that allowed(s) his children to establish their own personal agency as a human. Each one is endowed with the personal decisions about how they would implement my fatherly advice on the job as well as in their public lives. Always I suggest in the case of Miller Coors administration and union system of dealing with workforce harassment failed I advised it to is advantageous to filing state and or federal employment discrimination complaints.

    Thanks again Tory Lowe

    Tony Muhammad


  9. I believe this guy because he endured the hostile work environment and I am sure more people will talk about this. This story should keep going on and no die. MillerCoors needs to be under a microscope and investigated because they are the cause if what tragically happened there. They FAILED this employee and many more who also endured the same type of issues. I will continue to talk about this because it bothers me so, I was told by a friend that I shouldn’t be upset by this. But I Am!


  10. Everyone needs to boycott ALL Miller products. That is how tou get their attention. Hit them where it counts. All they care about is money… Stop buying Miller anything. I BET Miller does something then. Because they would lose so much money.


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