Jelani Muhammad former employee of Molson Coors.

Please share make this man story go viral❗️❗️

Dear Tory Lowe

I was an employee at Molson Coors for 4 years. I recently quit to save my life. The harassment, and hostile work environment I was exposed to almost made me lose my mind. I worked closely with all the individuals involved. Usually when we are being harassed at Miller we are isolated from other black workers. I was in the meeting when management talked about the noose and other situations of racial discrimination that were continuously swept under the rug.

Many black employees were subjected to racist rhetoric, treated less then second class citizens. I even considered suicide due to being emotionally subjected to being harassed in a racially charged work environment. I want the people to know the truth about what goes on inside Miller Coors. I’m hoping that situations like the recent shooting were 6 people lost their lives will never happen again.
The people need to know what was really going on.

Jelani Muhammad


👑: This is very disturbing to hear about how many black employees are subjected to this type of work environment at Molson Coors. Please share this post.

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