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Dear Tory Lowe,

My name is Anquinette and my daughter was raped by a white male student at Wausau East high School and they covered it up. In mid-February 2019, my daughter went to a friend’s house and then they went to Blue Gale Park. The friend she was with got picked up from the park and my daughter decided to walk home. While at the park she ran into Evan Van Norman one of the students that bullyied her school.

He told her he will give her a ride home. My daughter turned down the offer and attempted to head home. That is when she says Evan physically attacked her forced her to the ground and raped her. He told her no one would believe her if she told on him, and used vulgar racial slurs, threatening comments that scared and tramatised my baby. He also said that his mother knows people and nothing will happen to him. My violated daughter returned home and didn’t tell anyone. In fear no one would believe her.


My daughter decided to tell Shannon Young the Principal at EEA High School in hopes of getting some type of support. Instead she was told to keep the report she had made about the assault a secret. The principle did not let me know anything and tried to cover it up. My daughter was bullied the whole time she been at the school and tried to commit suicide shortly after the rape.

I found out after I chose to look through my daughter phone and found Instagram messages from Even Van Norman apologizing to my daughter for raping her. He wanted to talk to her as if nothing happened. My daughter told him she could not sleep, eat, and she was having nightmares as she relives what happened at the park everyday. I ask my daughter about the message, and she just broke down to her knees and told me that a boy at her school name Evan had raped her. I immediately called the principal Shannon young.


I made a report a officer took my daughter statement, and the next day Principal Young told me that it would not be a good idea to send my daughter to school until they handle the situation. They had me remove my daughter from the school from March 18th till this year of September 9th. My daughter found her self in a suicidal state of mind after all the bullying and rape was to much for a 15 year old to handle. The school has yet to give me any documentation of the the bullying my daughter reported prior to being raped.


Principal Shannon Young didn’t think my daughter was mentally capable of coming to school, but the young man that bullied and raped my daughter has been in school everyday. I am hurt and shocked that this young man is not in jail. This happened back in February. I met with the school board to make a long story short they agreed with Shannon Young’s decision of removing my daughter from school. They said they personally felt the principal was right to remove my child. This system has failed my child. I want justice for my daughter. Please make this go viral so the world will know what’s going in here in Wausau.

Quinn McGee Joyner

👑: This is very disturbing that this rapist is being protected by this School and is not in jail. I am shocked to see the emails of him apologizing for the assault and he remains a student at this school. The young woman was also raped before. The principle should be ashamed of herself for telling a rape victim to keep it a secret when it’s her responsibility to protect this student. I’m asking the Wausau community to help get this rapist off the streets. Please contact the school and police and demand that student to be put in jail. Contact school board Principal needs to be fired.



  1. This has nothing to do with the school, your daughter choose to come to a figure of the school because she may not be close to her mother. The principal was doing what she seen was right, she reported it when she knew about what happened. Now this young boy should be out of school but he has not had any charges pressed against him for this to happen, so therefore if you press charges and take him to court and put him in jail it will happen. The school system is not in charge of taking him to court since this did not happen on their grounds. I understand you want to fight for your daughter, then please do it the right way now. I know your upset you found out later and she went to someone else for support because she was scared but that’s no reason to slander a whole place. Press charges and get it taken care of! Do what’s right for your baby then!


    1. Actually, the principal of any school in Wisconsin has a duty by law to report even an allegation of this type of abuse as well as other types of abuse. She should also be charged in this case. I believe that the case here was more gear of the boys parents. There was probably do fear of racial tensions in this case as well. I hope both the boot, Evan, and this principal are both charged in this case.


  2. This school district as well as this principal also failed my son in 2012-2015, after he fell off a 25’ cliff. They tried to shuffle him from school to school, refused my initial request for an iep, lied on documentation saying I never requested an iep, and, knowing my son had been diagnosed with add inattentive variety, and schizoid affected bipolar disorder, and had attempted suicide, called him lazy, that nothing was wrong with him except that. After getting an attorney, we came to a closed agreement in mediation, which they violated causing my son to lose a month of school. The entire Wausau school system has a history of playing favorites, and trying to get rid of problem students.


  3. This principal Shannon Young should be fired from her job and never be able to have any jurisdiction over students again. I pray this young girl will be able to forgive not only the attacker but
    Shannon Young too. I will pray for healing of this young girl and her family.


  4. That principal neglected to do her job and should lose it. She is a mandated reporter and should have taken action immediately. I hope they hold her accountable for the decision she made. I don’t care if it was done at school or out of school she still should of called the police and taken action.


  5. I am stunned that any school would attempt to cover up a rape and protect the rapist. Would they be so lax if it was one of their children? The young man needs to be charged with aggravated assault and rape. And, those who covered up for him should be fired and banned from ever teaching and/or working in any kind of facility that has children. They don’t have the brain that God gave them if they think this is okay. I’m so sorry that this family – especially the young woman – have to be subjected to this horrendous behavior. And, that young man and his family should be ashamed that they don’t this is of any importance. He’s very lucky that this isn’t my daughter.


  6. I have a question, why does everyone have to blame the parent? My 12 year old daughter was touched by a 20 year old male, who was supposed to be a friend of the family. He got off scott free. Where was the justice for my daughter. The ADA and the Victim Witness Advocate stated that with his plea agreement that if he gets into anymore trouble he would go straight to prison because the agreement would be revoked. Well he got into trouble he added domestic abuse etc to the underaged girl that had his baby. Almost killed her but yet he got another slap on the wrist. In this situation the principal should of called the police the same DAY that the girl came to her and should did of something about the bulling when it was going on in the school. I thought all school districts had a no tolerance for bulling. I guess not. Nobody should judge the parents until they know what is going on in the home. It could be a single parent working 2-3 jobs to make ends meet etc.


  7. This is so wrong, and yes there is something that can be done abt this. For number one rape is rape, and stop mean stop, and the Law no’s this and everyone else, be prescisen with what you are doing you can’t stop now. And yes I will send it on. And God bless you on your journey.


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