Dear Tory Lowe,

It has been a little over four months now since I reached out to you. I want to thank you and let you know how grateful my family and I are to have you involved with getting justice for Junior. I dont believe Juniors story would have even made it to the media if it wasnt for you, and your followers.

Junior was beaten by four individuals on July 1st in Wausau with baseball bats. Junior came home the middle of August after having brain surgery, and rehabilitation for his broken kneecap from the beating.


First, we are blessed to still have him here with us. It has not been a easy road and he still has a long road ahead of him. School for him has been a slow start with him going to school for two hours a day. We have been busy with all of his other therapy appointments and learning the “New” Junior.

During the investigation I felt like the detective on the case was more worried about the events two days after my sons attack than he was about getting justice for my son. I contacted Wausau Pilot and Review on Facebook about a week later since nothing had even been mentioned about my sons attack and nobody was in custody.

I later found the lady who saved my sons life that night, and learned that a police officer was on the next block during my sons attack but turned his lights on and went the opposite direction according to someone who lives in the neighborhood where everything took place.

I contacted Tory Lowe and he came to Wausau, Wisconsin to do interviews with the people who saved my sons life. I was notified almost two weeks after my sons attack that there were four individuals involved and one of the boys looked up on his phone how long he would get in prison for murder before going to the neighborhood my son was in. One of the other boys is the son of Captain Rob Dickerson from Everest Metro Police Department.


It all started to make sense why I didn’t and still dont feel like my son is getting Justice. I was told by the detective that all four would be charged with first degree intentional attempted homicide. That never happened and in fact they are charged with child abuse causing great bodily harm and use of a dangerous weapon.

The 911 audio states they had to RSI the patient and that means the medics had to intubate my son. Them four boys took my sons life. I will not stop until i get Justice for Junior.Please continue Praying for Junior and our family. Thank you for all of the shares, prayers and just the concerns in general we appreciate it.

Kelly Garduno

👑: Please continue to share Junior’s story. This family deserves justice. Keep Junior in your Prayers.🙏🏾



  1. Praying for you Junior. These four boys went looking to hurt someone badly! A bat is just as deadly as a knife or a gun. It is a shame that such a thought would even come to a young mans head. They definitely need the most severe punishment possible. Kids today need to learn that there are serious consequences for bad choices!!!!


  2. They knew what they were doing and didn’t care, the severity of this should not be taken lightly. They beat him and didn’t care if he lived or died, it’s not the first time I bet that they have bullied someone or beat someone. Attempted Murder is what it should be for those boy’s.


  3. I agree! They should all be locked up and tried as adults for beating up an innocent and helpless boy!! Give them the maximum punishment allowed for this crime!!! Show no mercy for any of them!!!


  4. These punks should be charged with attempted murder ! This young man nearly lost his life . If you let these punks off they will only offend again , maybe next time taking someone’s life . They have no morals or regrets.


  5. When your dad is captain of PD…..I guess you can get away with attempted murder. But I bet the police would cover up for the 4 boys saying crap like not enough evidence or that it was Junior’s fault that night. That is what they would do and those boys will get a slap on their wrists and go Scott free. I live in Wausau/ Schofield enough to know that the spoiled brats of police officers, council members, lawyers, doctors, big influencers, and CEOs always get away with their crimes because their parents always cover up for them some way.


  6. Premeditated? 16or better? Weapon? So why not? ATTEMPTED MURDER WITH WEAPON , EVEN ADULT COURT. I Was a public servants Daughter and saw this standard first hand. Thought it was wrong then and if this is what went on It’s wrong now. We should think out of the box , maybe all four boys owe Junior some kind of child support for the rest of his and their lives since they took his away and they’re saying it’s child abuse. And apparently the four must have fairly good family support so most likely they’ll at least be going off to college.


  7. What was the motive of these 4 boys? Did they know Junior or was it a random act of violence. I’m just asking bc it’s beyond my realm of thinking as to how anyone could brutally beat someone like this! Prayers for everyone involved in this!


  8. You need to make sure the District Attorney is handling this not the assistance distract attorney, if the assistance distract attorney is handling it demand it be transferred to the actual District Attorney. Find the victims ombudsmen and contact them and give them every bit of evidence you can gather from paramedics and Drs. Make copies of everything you gather, your gonna need it. Contact the ATtorney general’s office and ask what and who you can contact about this. Make sure you are in contact with the victims advocate. Contact every media you can and get your story out there, dont be afraid to use the officers and District Attorneys name. God bless your son and family. Prayers for all of you and prayers for justice.


  9. When this happens the first thing to do is go to the FBI. A family member can request their assistance even if the “law” doesn’t want them involved.How will any of us feel safe when even our children get away with this kind of crime feeling they are too young to be prosecuted. I fear for every one who has children and knowledge of this kind of CRIME. It isn’t a mistake, an accident or boys will be boys incident. It is a CRIME. Good luck with your pursuit of Justice.


  10. ” Justice ” come’s in Many Forms – Many Manners and Fashions that Will Not be Recognized when Arrival Without Warning is Successful within the Single Beat of a Heart bringing with IT No Mercy , but the Violently Destructive Remains left in IT’s Path shall be Remembered for Many Years to come . the Reaper comes for Them ofwhom Sought Him Out through Thier Deeds . now , They can Speak of It to the Devil .


  11. Wisconsin legislature:
    948.03  Physical abuse of a child.
    (1)  Definitions. In this section, “recklessly” means conduct which creates a situation of unreasonable risk of harm to and demonstrates a conscious disregard for the safety of the child.
    (2)  Intentional causation of bodily harm.
    (a) Whoever intentionally causes great bodily harm to a child is guilty of a Class C felony.
    (b) Whoever intentionally causes bodily harm to a child is guilty of a Class H felony.
    (c) Whoever intentionally causes bodily harm to a child by conduct which creates a high probability of great bodily harm is guilty of a Class F felony.
    (3)  Reckless causation of bodily harm.
    (a) Whoever recklessly causes great bodily harm to a child is guilty of a Class E felony.
    (b) Whoever recklessly causes bodily harm to a child is guilty of a Class I felony.
    (c) Whoever recklessly causes bodily harm to a child by conduct which creates a high probability of great bodily harm is guilty of a Class H felony.

    Class E felony
    Aggravated battery that intends to cause and causes great bodily injury is a Class E felony, punishable by up to 15 years’ imprisonment and a fine of up to $50,000.

    Class H felony
    Other types of aggravated battery are Class H felonies, punishable by up to six years’ imprisonment and a fine of up to $10,000.

    Class I felony
    Substantial battery is a Class I felony, punishable by up to three years and six months’ imprisonment and a fine of up to $10,000.

    Dangerous weapons
    For Class E and H felonies, the court can impose an additional term of up to five years if the defendant uses or threatens to use a dangerous weapon, and for Class I felonies, the court can impose an additional term of four years. (Wis. Stat. § 939.63.)


  12. It does not matter if he upset someone you dont go around beating people these 4 boys obviously have some major mental health issues their parents should be very concerned. I hope and pray they all get charged like adults with attempted murder they knew what they were doing just sick! I pray jr and his parents this makes me cry just reading about it if it were my son I would be a mess and for the cops sons if the rolls had been reversed how would the boys be charged? EXACTLY……


  13. If the kid was looking up how many yrs for murder that’s premeditated attempted murder, not child abuse. Justice wasn’t served!😠


  14. This is intolerable! Everyone here needs to personally call the Wausau PD and demand answers as to why these people are not being charged as adults for attempted homicide. This is the first *I* have heard about this… months after the attack. I am going to research more, but this is absolutely intolerable.


  15. I think 3 years in San Quentin state prision
    Should work just fine….
    Cause teens might think before they jump then..
    And if that dont work….then 10 years more


  16. It shouldnt matter who’s kid they are. Change jurisdictions. The intent was there to
    cause harm. Whar more do they need?
    Get yourself a good lawyer not from wausau. And go after those young men. And of that doesnt I’d go t civil court and sue the pants off the parents for damages, medical costs snd tehsb costs.



  17. If the children are under the age of majority the parents are liable for any damages and Mother and Junior must file a civil suit with in the staute of limitations, She needs to reach out for legal help and it sounds like on a contingency, lawyer fee usually 30% max. Shop an attorney who has no affiliations locally. She will say she only wants justice, but justice for all of us is for her to follow through and insure that parents are responsible for their children’s actions.


  18. Thats BS ….
    Reap what you sow
    An Eye for an Eye
    We don’t need kids like that out on our streets!!!! Common sense tells you not to do such things!!!!


  19. Prayers send for your so recovery. May Our Lord His Father embrace His son and heal him from this brutal attack. And that the 4 boys gets what’s coming to them. Justice should be served for this poor boy from his injuries and suffering.


  20. Someone should start a petition and put pressure on the Wausau courts to charge these teens appropriately. They’re charging people who fired a gun with attempted murder, rightly, though no one was hurt. Yet these guys get off on a lesser charge when they DID critically injure someone!? I’m tired of seeing people get off on lesser charges just because they have money, or connections in the community. It’s sickening.


  21. They should be charged with Premeditated attempted murder AND child abuse. Child abuse carries more prison time than attempted murder. However, both coupled together leaves little room for plea deals. If they are convicted of child abuse they will be targets in prison as they deserve. Nobody like a person who hurts a child. And, being a cops son, one definitely has issues in prison out of the gate. So. You will get justice one way or another. It seems your city has many issues with it’s law enforcement. I hope your son has a quick and complete recovery. We are all praying for him!


  22. The four boys should get the max. 40 years sounds right. They knew what they were doing. Four against one, what sissy’s. Try them as adults. Junior will probably never be the same again, physically or mentally. How cruel. Was it a gang related act? 40 years max.
    Healing Prayers for Junior n his family.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


  23. I’ve never heard of a child being charged with the abuse of another child this is wack!!! That’s murder all the way!!!! Let’s get these future serial killers off the streets before they do something again!!! We need to reform criminals especially the ones with these kind of severe actions cannot just be left with a slap on the wrist!!!!


  24. Prayers to Junior and his family! First of all if the kid was a cops kid then the case is conflict of interest and should be handled by someone else! This is NOT ok by any means! It’s obviously premeditated! Those four POS need to be locked up and throw away the keys! No one deserves what those b******s did and they need punished with everything they can get! They need charged with attempted murder and child abuse then that way hopefully they will go to prison where they belong for the rest of there miserable lives! Keep fighting!


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