Malu-Lani hit by a vehicle on 95th and Brown Deer
16 year old Malu-Lani Savage seriously injured after being hit by a driver near 95th and Brown Deer.


Dear Tory Lowe,

I am asking for the community help. My neice Malu-Lani Savage was struck by a vehicle driven by a Caucasian male driver. This happen this past Saturday on 95th and Brown Deer. She was walking home from a nearby gas about a block away from her home.

Her injuries are serious, Lani had two brain surgeries to stop the bleeding on her brain, and eye surgery due to multiple fractures to her face. My niece was walking with a friend in the crosswalk. Her friend witnessed this horrific scene and had been traumatized as well. The police department refuses to take her statement in regards to what happened.

Malu-Lani has had several brain surgeries and is still unresponsive.

They refuse to hold the driver accountable for what occured. We have been told by the Milwaukee Police Department that the driver is a up standing man and him speeding is not a criminal offense. They have went as far as saying that she stepped in the street!!! We have asked the investigators to provide us with status or any camera footage. The driver has not been arrested and we want Justice.

This man was able to go home to his family while my 16 year old niece is laying in here unresponsive…To add insult to injury no one has communicated the family about whats going on with the investigation. We want the driver to be help accountable for causing great bodily harm to our love one. The way this is being handled is unacceptable. #JusticeforLani

Teresa Jones-Smith

👑: I have been up to the hospital to visit the family and we as a community must come together for these families going through these tragic experiences. Witness say the drive was speeding and hit Lani at a high speed. If this is the case this driver needs to be in jail. Send up prayer for a speedy recovery.🙏🏾

Click go fund me link to help this family.


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