Officer who shot Tyrese West execution style.
Mount Pleasant Sgt. Eric Giese was identified as the police officer who shot and killed Tyrese West on June 15.

This is the officer who shot Tyrese twice in the head after he stopped him for not having a headlight on his bike. Mount Pleasant Sgt. Eric Giese was identified as the police officer who shot and killed Tyrese West on June 15. Tyrese had two shots to the head execution style when the family viewed his body. Officer said Tyrese was ”uncooperative” so he shot him.

Giese has been a sergeant for a year and a half. He was placed on administrative leave immediately following the incident. This incident took place at around 1:30 am early Saturday morning. Police say near the 2500 block of Racine in Mt. Pleasant Wisconsin.

Tyrese father holding up a picture of murdered son.

The family wants to see all visual and radio evidence of this incident. When the family got the body from the Milwaukee medical examiner’s office Tyrese had been shot several times including two close-range shots to the head. The officer says he used various nonlethal methods in an attempt to address the threat, including verbal commands and the deployment of electronic control devices after Tyrese fled on foot.

Also, the officer says after nonlethal attempts were unsuccessful, Giese fatally shot West. The DOJ said life-saving measures were rendered but unsuccessful, and A handgun was recovered from the scene. Now I have an issue with the bulk of this story that is being told by the officer. 

Family friends and residence of Racine Wisconsin gathering in prayer at a vigil for Tyrese West.

If Tyrese fled on foot how did the officer catch up to him? Tyrese was one of the fastest kids on the football youth team, and was nicknamed ”Jitter Bug” by his coaches because he was so fast. You telling me that this old ass officer had the foot speed to catch a young 18-year-old black teen who was well known for his foot speed.

Second, the report says that following a short foot pursuit, Giese observed West was armed with a gun. Officer said he made several attempts to use less- lethal efforts to handle the situation but eventually used deadly force. 

100’s gathered on 20th and Racine after a March for Justice in the name of Tyrese West.

My problem with this is if this officer made less lethal attempts to handle the situation why was Tyrese shot multiple times in the back, near the ankle and eventually twice in the head execution style. The officer’s story is not adding up and the reports being released to the media are without visual and audio evidence. Just only what the officer is saying which is most likely a false narrative to protect himself.

This whole story sounds fishy. It’s just not adding up. Why did this officer shoot Tyrese twice in the head execution style? Then lied and said that life-saving measures were attempted to revive him. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that this report has huge holes in it.




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