I just spoke to the mother of the 18-year-old young man who was shot in the back yesterday by a Mount Pleasant police officer at 1 a.m. in the morning while riding his bike. The report is saying that police shot him cause he didn’t cooperate then says he brandished a gun. The whole story sounds fishy to me. We know that you can’t trust certain police reports to be honest about a shooting especially when a man is shot in the back several times. Justice Wisconsin will be actively involved in looking into this situation. Tonight there will be a vigil for the young man from Racine Wisconsin. Keep this family in your prayers.🙏🏿



Click play to see exclusive footage

8 thoughts on “Mother says her son 18 year old Tyrese West shot and killed by Mt. Pleasant Wisconsin police Saturday 1 a.m.

  1. It really saddened me too hear that this young man got shot in the back, if you had too shoot couldn’t you have shot him in the leg, that would have taken him down, it hurts me to know that men of color lives don’t matter, i cry for our young men, this could have been my son or grandson, nephew.I’m praying that his mother will find peace and that justice will be served, this needs to stop, police need better training, stop targeting these young men.Please Young men wake up, this is real. Saddened Parent of Young men.


    1. Absolutely agree…police need to be held accountable, fired for poor judgement, lack of training and charged with murder.


  2. Terrible situation, I coached this young man in football and baseball. And he was the greatest of kids, somebody has to be charged with this crime!!


  3. Am hurt by this. Another young black men
    Shot. I.n back when will we get justice .
    My grandson died for nothing. Now this young men is gone for nothing. I want justice
    For both of them. Help me lord no one need died like this. What about the camera they say they suppose have.Here we go again no camera. Justice for Donte and Tyerse


  4. How with all the tools a policeman have they alway used the most deadliest against black men first?? Yet will negotiate with a white man with a gun and a thousand rounds and will take them in alive!!! Go figure


  5. This is the same situation over again he vanished a gun tell me you’re riding a bicycle but you vanished I’m gone better check the gun and find out where it came from in my beer throwdown which they carry in cases like this When are they going to start doing what needs to be done and stop taking up for these so-called officers because to me they’re on the hunt The more they get away with it the more it’s going to keep happening


  6. I’m hold on and cherish all the memories we share ❤️ it hurts and eating me up so bad we fell out over sometime stupid and now I can’t even apologize 😭 I’ma Miss You My Friend ❤️😇 I Love ya ❤️😘 #JusticeForTyrese 😇❤️ #LLR


  7. There should be a video to show and if officer did not have it on should be fired no questions asked please people do not give up fight for these young people where is the naacp Jesse Jackson n Al Sharpton I will keep you guys lifted up in Prayer


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