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Dear Tory Lowe,

My name is Audriana Miller and I’m seeking help to investigate my apartment complex due to my three year old son being bitten all over his body twice within a 6 month period. I moved into my apartment on September 19, 2018 and almost immediately started to have problems with pests and insects.

In December 2018, my son woke up with multiple bed bug bites on his body. I took him to see his pediatrician as well as giving the property manager, Jon Friedle, a copy stating that we had been exposed to bed bugs and we were in need of immediate treatment to get rid of them. After two weeks of back and forth miscommunication, I found out that my former neighbor at the time, Tamika Dowell, was also exposed to them and was scheduled for a bed big treatment after producing physical evidence of the bug to maintenance. I on the other hand, could not because I was never home due to work, never got bitten myself, or never was awake late at night seeing that I work first shift. I explained this to Jon as well as the maintenance man, Brian.


Both men stated that I would not get a treatment paid for unless I could also catch a bed bug for them to see. I attempted to contact the owners, Axiom Properties, and never received a call back from anyone inside of the office. They directed all of my conerns to Jon, who was already not assisting me to fix the issue. I proceeded to contact family and friends for help on other ways to treat my home since they were not helping me with the issue. My son took a month to fully heal from the bites, and my home was covered in harmful chemicals repeatedly in order to keep them away for good.

Between December 2018 & May 2019, I have had multiple issues involving roaches, more bed bug sightings in the hallways, roach motels in the hallway corners on each floor, mice, centipedes, spiders both poisonous and non poisonous, millipedes, and silver bugs slithering from out of the crevice of the walls. I’ve witnessed the mice crawling on my stove, as well as in my sink, bathroom cabinet, and on the countertops. I’m afraid that the mice are nesting behind the fridge and stove that were included with the unit, which I’ve stated numerous of times. But again, no one has bothered to move the appliances and check to be sure.

I have not personally moved anything out of fear of what I may find and a huge phobia of mice. I’ve had pest control come to my home and put down bait for all pests and insects mentioned, but they have NEVER checked my entire apartment nor have they ever moved the appliances to thoroughly check to see why the mice keep coming back. I have multiple types of bait under the kitchen sink behind the pipes where I keep my pots and pans. I also have a huge hole exposing the pipe under my bathroom sink. A mice chewed it’s way into my apartment one weekend when I was gone.

On May 15, 2019 I woke up to find that my son had been bitten again all over his body. Only this time, he was bitten in the face, on and behind the ears, and on both of his eye lids. The bites caused severe swelling of both of his eyes, both ears, his calf, and a portion of his right arm. I immediately contacted property management via email, since I’ve had more success with emailing the Regional Property Manager, Michael J. Bleker. I also went to the main office and luckily Jon was there to discuss the most recent matter.

I did receive help and a bed bug treatment on May 16, 2019 at 8:30am. However, I feel as though the building is poorly taken care of and it isn’t fair to hardworking people such as myself. I’m only 27 years old & this is my very first time leaving the nest. This has been a very devastating experience and I’ve cried so much from the most recent incident. My son has suffered pain and discomfort from these poor conditions and it’s been the worst on me. I’ve lost two jobs due to constant hospital and pediatric visits in less than a year.

I’m not sure if this would help some other tenants that deal with the same issues. But I’m speaking for my son, he’s an innocent child in the midst of these conditions. It shouldn’t take 6 months and two incidents of my son being bitten in order for them to take action. My son shouldn’t have to be an example of what can happen when you’re ignored for months at a time. I was literally crying, begging for help in the first incident and didn’t receive it because of lack of evidence? How is that fair when a child’s health is put at risk? There are multiple small children that live in my building, and I refuse to not speak up.

Please help me. Help me and the other single mothers in our building to get the help we deserve and proper treatment from Axiom Properties despite what other tenants do. I feel as though we’re all put into the same category because we’re in a low income building with poor living conditions. It’s not fair, and I’m sure you’d agree with me too.

Thank you so much for your time, have an excellent day!! 😊


Audriana Miller

👑: This situation will take some legal assistance. Please keep this mother and child in your prayers.🙏🏾

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