5DDD5642-BC12-4D89-9C6F-23D6C50135B2.jpegMary Ovington White- joined the Socialist Party in 1905; NAACP founder and executive secretary;Morefield Storey- First president of the NAACP; primary battle was against American imperialism; Joel Spingarn- Second president of the NAACP; a liberal Republican who became a Progressive; John Dewey- influential member of the board; known as the Father of Progressive Education

(Note: there is an unholy alliance between the NAACP and the public education system because of the John Dewey legacy ; co-founder of the ACLU with Jane Addams;

According to a article written by Dr. Melvin Johnson the NAACP was started by whites who were socialists.
The NAACP was actually and primarilly founded by a group of white socialists and a handful of blacks! As always, Marxists have taken advantage of desperate groups of humanity in order to further its cause. Thus, when it came to the formation of the NAACP, the white opportunists converged with black desperation in order to create a force designed to not only confront the apartheid, Jim Crow culture of tthe era, but to also further the notion of an empowered working class that controlled all aspects of ownership and production!

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