Good evening Tory,

I’m writing to inform you about a homicide on Saturday night of April 13th which resulted in the taking of Darwin Horton’s ( Better known as Mickey) life. Mickey was more than a friend , he was a Son , he was a brother, a father to 3 children and a  unborn, a loving fiancé and the list is quite extensive. 


My fiancé was 35 years old- had his whole life well our life in front of him and unfortunately it was snatched due to him being gunned down while sitting in the car with his brother Durrell  (who was later put in custody for a violation after watching his brother pass away that same night). A bullet pierced Mickey’s main artery causing him to crash into a nearby house on Keefe. I am left without any answers and 3 kids that have to suffer. 

0A8FBB7E-F6D4-45C2-9909-63FE851A0AF4My entire life was snatched this past Saturday! I am left without a fiancé, and our vehicle which is currently being under investigation! It’s hard that I no longer can kiss this man, sleep next to this man, but had to relay the message that his kids will no longer see him because he had an early ticket to heaven by a gunman which is still on the loose. I can’t eat nor sleep , and have to attempt to console kids who mourn for his return but what’s even worse is that Mickey is never walking through the door again! 

DE1251B4-03CB-43AF-AA0C-2D70CD108797I need help with finding the person who murdered him – a lead, a tip, someone seen something the early morning of Saturday April 13th! Please help me! I am begging for help!! Please help Bring justice not just for me But his Mother and his children!


Jalisa Stamps

👑: Please share in hopes that someone knows who is responsible for the death of Darwin Horton. We can no longer tolerate senseless acts of violence in our communities. Keep this family in your prayers.🙏🏾

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