4yr. old Caleah Boone peaked at a 52 lead level

Dear Mr. Lowe

I’m writing to you to ask for your help as well as community support. I’m am seeking justice for my daughter Caleah Boone and countless other children in Milwaukee who are, and continue to suffer from lead poisoning due to this city’s negligence when it comes to holding landlords to a higher standard as well as providing safe housing to milwaukeeans that do not put families at risk for lead poisoning. Milwaukee doesn’t properly inform the community about lead poisoning and how to prevent it, especially when it comes to the tap water. This should be a top priority.A46CAE2F-9BDB-46D9-B96C-E86BFDFF9E03.jpegMy daughter is 4 years old and was diagnosed with severe lead poisoning due to our apartment at 2 yrs old. The doctors told us its a concern if lead levels go past 5, well my daughters lead levels peaked at 52! She was hospitalized for a week and had to receive intense treatment for 2 weeks after. Now her lead levels are at 18.

8D5D96A5-2E2C-485F-B436-029AC89B6789She will be struggling with the lasting effects it has had on her brain for the rest of her life. This breaks my heart because I gave birth to a perfectly healthy child. Mr. Lowe if you could pls take the time out to let me know any opinions or advice you might have I’d be truely grateful. Thank you in advance. I want justice for my baby.


Natalie Payne

👑: Out of 25,000 children who were tested in Milwaukee. More than 2,000 had lead poisoning.That’s 8.6 percent of the children tested. In Flint, Michigan, it was 4.9.

Milwaukee Public Schools ran tests in 2016 to see if there was lead in the water at its schools. The results, released in December 2016, showed dangerous levels of lead in the water in 169 school  buildings.

MPS officials say the problematic taps have been turned off, but some experts — the same experts who blew the whistle in the Flint, Michigan water crisis —  say students still shouldn’t drink the water.

Meanwhile, there are concerns about former Heath Department commissioner Bevan Baker and what Baker told — or didn’t tell — the mayor about troubles in the city’s lead abatement work. Baker resigned in January under pressure.

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