Dear Tory Lowe

Everyone one said I should contact you about my son Montrell Marks.My son Montrell woke up Friday Morning Feb. 16, 2019 and was so excited to go pick up son son as he called him (Latrell) So we picked up his 4 year old sister from school then went on 48th and Clarke to get Latrell. My son Montrell called Shasta mom as we pulled up on her cell and told her we was outside. He went in and I yelled out the window, “boy don’t be in there long” he said “ok mom I’ll be right out” but he never came out. Minutes later her mom came to the door yelling, “they up in here arguing”. I was getting out the car to see what was going on, and to go get my son. I then heard a shot. Her mama yelled “o lord you shot Montrell”. I ran in saw my son laying on his back with blood pouring out his head. His baby was above his head on the bed crying. I ran out the house and call 911. He died the next day from a gun shot to the face.


I know my son didn’t have no intention on seeing her on the way there. He was only talking to her mama. He thought she was at the store. That’s same phone she said was not working when she tried to call for help. She took my son’s life with no remorse whatsoever. His son was the first person he wanted to see Friday morning, and that was the last person he saw. My son was a funny dude. Everyone he crossed loved him in some shape or form. All he wanted to be was a good daddy. Its containers of new clothes he just bought his son. All of the clothes matched his !!!! He even bought his self a baby bag, what dude does that??. He was so proud to be a dad.

My sons killer is out on only a $1000 bail. This is unfair. If he would have shot her he would be under the jail I don’t know what to do at this point I’m so angry and pissed. I want justice for my son.

Sabrina Davis

👑: What’s going on with the courts allowing bail to be this low with cases of domestic violence involving guns. Keep this mother and her family in your prayers.🙏🏾


  1. Im so sorry about your loss but sh Dr got a slap on the wrist she should still be in jail but God sits high and looks low she will get her day annd it want be easu just stay prayed up and be there for your grandbaby


  2. That was no domestic violence she should still be in jail for killing that young man and Justice should be served 20 years in the penitentiary


  3. Wow zthis world is getting crazier every day i always pray that Gid would bring us all through and Gid bless the young man who tried to di right some people never satishfied she had a good baby daddy and she was selfish i feel he has move and nothing wasnt more inportant to him than then lids and she couldnt deal with that shes and woman cowered and should get what she deserves God will handle that Amen Aaamen


  4. This is sad because had he even hit her they would locked him up she should be punish go get custody of the child why doesn’t she have a child endangerment charge lord the system so fucked up she should be deceased as well


    1. Amen!! I agree I reprimand you for writing a letter. Push it all the way please don’t give up you’re not fighting only for you but your also fighting for all of us mother who didn’t have the strength and will power due to devastation of our children being cold heartedly murder. My son too was a victim and the system released my son’s killers in less than 5 years with a supposedly 15yr. sentence. I didn’t have the will power to fight for my son’s rightful justice. So, I encourage you don’t be like me. Press on through, in the end God has the last say so. I don’t believe he told that girl to do that. my condolences to you and your family and God bless you. 🙏🙏🙏


  5. Why throw in the clause at the end with guns? If she would have stabbed him to death or cracked his skull i don’t think the knife or pipe would have received this special attention. Caught your bias showing.


  6. Much prayers to you and your family beautiful im sadden by this post because im a mother of myself to 4 children and from time to time me and my children father have are bad moments . but i will never harm him because. My children need a father. And for that women to be soooo selfish and take a good father from his son ! From one more to another i pray you get your justice ! If not with the system we have just remember there is a higher power and he will be her karma !! He will make sure she pays for what she has done .r.i.p sweet daddy may you watch over your son for the rest of his days portect him as if you where still here ! And to the mother of this young man ! My heart is heavy cause i too lost my 1st son and it broke me but be strong for him remember him just how you remember him funny and full of joy


  7. I am so sorry for your lost. I would of beat her ass if the gun was dropped to the floor.
    You need to go on the news about this and have a protest in front of the court house


  8. Why was her bail $1000… It wasn’t like he ran up in her home and started fighting her and wasn’t it a post he made on fb incriminating her if something was to happen to him … That’s first degree intentional homicide no way her bail should’ve been $1000. They place no value on our sons lives in this system… My heart goes out to his mom I pray that her son receives justice and her heart would one day be mended…


    1. Why would you say that? You know darn well his mother would go to jail if she killed this lunatic. This mother needs to see justice done not a charge of murder for herself.


  9. Lord have mercy on the family the to the mother i have 9 sons i cant imagine somthing like this happening to one of my boys i know no word in the world could help your pain im praying for strength and courage to get threw this and know if theres anything me and my family can do please let me know i dont have mich and am homeless with two small kids but i have somwere safe right now at my sisters but i do work anything you may need im here my sincere condolances


  10. They should have gave her life this is so sad why would she do this too her own child’s father when her son grow up he is going too ask her mommy where is daddy you think she’s going too say son I killed your dad no she’s not yo this world 🌎 is so fucked up 😔💔 my prayers go out too this young man’s family 💔


  11. Keep sharing this post as I will!!!. I’ll continue to pray for you my sister.💕💞💖 and yes if it were the other way around he would still be in jail. I know she’s the mother but wrong is wrong and she should still be in jail as well


  12. Really girl you gonna kill somebody’s who is early all about his son and his well being. She should rot under the jail house now this baby gotta grow up with a mother and a father.praying for his family..God continue to comfort them doing this awful time of lost


  13. File for grandparents rights immediately Take your child’s son and raise him without all the craziness of the mama Push the law go to every court date and put her way for as long as you can But if she goes to jail someone will have to be there for the baby and that my friend could be You Her ultimate punishment would be to never see or talk to her child ever again I’m a mother of a beautiful son and I don’t know what I’d do without him He has a child with this idiot Go After Him


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