Tonight I interviewed Shannon Jefferson-Perry, Charlotte Shand, and Latesha Brown the daughters of  Jimmie Gray Sr.. The daughters are asking for community assistance to help bring justice for their 68 year old father.

Jimmie Gray Sr. was found this past Friday January 18, 2019 murdered and burned in a abandoned house near 24th PL and Capital on Milwaukee’s Northside. Several residents say the property was often known to have suspicious activity.

Jimmie Gray Sr. was a veteran and leaves behind 3 daughters, 18 grandkids, and 23 great grandchildren. Also Jimmie Gray Jr. ,his son, died at 17 years old near 17th and Atkinson due to a senseless act of violence. Jimmie Gray Sr. was killed just a day short of his 69th Birthday.

Tonight the family is asking for anyone with information to come forward. The daughters are offering a reward for information leading to a arrest and conviction.

Click Link to see Facebook live interview.



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