Dear Tory Lowe

My name Alyssa, I read the article about west allis police injecting that male & thought this might be important too. at the beginning of december 2 west allis police officers hurt me very badly, throwing me to the ground, bruising my face, cutting my wrists from the fall and the cuffs, giving me whiplash, dragging me across the cement, and one officer punched me.

Mind you I am only 18 years old, & im less than 100 lbs. I believe it was a racial thing because the passenger in the car was african american, however the whole situation just doesnt make sense as to why the officers targeted me.

It was his vehicle and he had no plates on it yet, I was driving at the time. The officer was questioning us about the title for a few seconds and then he asked me to step out the car, he immediately started questioning me if I was under the influence & saying there was a marijuana scent.

There was nothing found at all and neither of us were under the influence at all. He continued questioning me and then searched me and started accusing me of something in my pants pocket.

I turned around toward the other officer and he grabbed me. I tried to move his arm off of me and he swung me to the ground, dragged me across the cement, cut my wrists and bruised my eye. The other officer punched me .

I went to urgent care because of how much pain i was in, they told me the officer gave me whiplash. After, they spent a good 30 minutes testing my vision, and digging out every single crumb in my pockets trying to find anything they could on me.

They took me to the station, booked me, gave me a 1069$ ticket for resisting arrest. I walked home from the station. The passenger never showed the title or was searched in depth. He was able to drive off with the car from the scene.

The whole situation was strange. Im lost to why they kept changing their issue ? at first it was the plates, then it was marijuana, and then it was “something in my pocket”. I believe a lot of this was because I had a black male in the car with me.


click video to see footage.


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