I have obtained video of Kayla Ruhut telling officers that Cody was the one who hit Kevin Harris. We also have a police report were officers was told by Cody Rasmussen to talk to his lawyer but when officers reached out to the lawyer the lawyer said he had not been retained by Cody. I can’t believe that Cody Rasmussen was caught on video and hasn’t even been questioned. His girlfriend told police he was driving the car, and he fled the scene without telling the police that he hit Kevin Harris.

I don’t know who Cody is related to or If the courts up there are ran by Racist White people but this doesn’t make any sense on no scale. So basically he hit a man leaving the bar, killed him, walked away, all this on video, never been questioned, and is not represented by a attorney.

(Daughter wrote a letter posted on Facebook)

Dear Tory Lowe,

My father was murdered not too long ago in Antigo Wisconsin. I was at home asleep and 8 months pregnant, when I found out. I couldn’t eat, I could couldnt sleep. I didn’t understand, and still don’t understand, what would make someone do the unspeakable thing, they did to my dad. I ask for justice in his name, and that Cody Rasmussen and Kayla Ruhut are not able to just walk free. I never got to say goodbye to him, but I hope I can say goodbye to the murderers for life. They do not deserve anything less than life in prison, for taking my dad’s.

Candace Harris



Detective Daniel Storm SAYS:
Here are the problems with the Kevin Harris death:

When Kayla Ruhut was first confronted by Officer Reichle of the Antigo PD, she stated that Cody Rasmussen was driving the silver SUV, but didn’t know his last name, but knew that his mother owned the vehicle. She attempted to blame Tasha, a bystander who partially witnessed the incident, for the accident and said a “maroon-ish” Dodge Stratus hit Kevin Harris. She knows that Tasha has a Dodge Stratus. Cody, despite Kayla identifying him as the driver of the SUV, was never taken for a blood test or charged with operating the vehicle that struck and caused the death of Kevin Harris. Instead, Kayla was taken for a blood test and was intoxicated. After being charged, the DA stated that some video exists which shows Cody driving the SUV, not Kayla.

We received the videos from Antigo PD and there is no such video in the group. We do have the video when Squad 5 first arrived on the scene and Kevin was lying on the ground in the alley. The “crime scene”, however, was walked through by at least 6 people and then a janitor from the bar swept it. Therefore, there was no forensic value any longer and the scene was never preserved or even marked off with yellow tape. People were removing things, including Kevin’s baseball cap, as the officers stood there and watched. The O J Simpson case and its forensic horrors, was a light year above this mess.

The SUV was never turned over to the State Crime Lab for processing and Antigo reuturned the vehicle to Cody’s mother soon after they gave it a cursory inspection. No swabs were done for blood matching Kevin or anything.

The cops decided that no autopsy was necessary, but one was done, just the same. We have the results. The DA faces a tough challenge in prosecuting Cody, unless Kayla finally tells the truth about that night. The scene of the crime was trashed. There is no video of the incident itself. The Antigo cops made such a mess of this, prosecution is a long shot. The original complaint against Kayla, is WITHOUT prejudice, so the charge can be reinstated.

What is troubling, is that Kayla identified Cody, whose name is Cody McKinnon whose real name is Cody Rasmussen, of Antigo, as the driver, yet he has never been arrested or charged with Kevin Harris’ death. Tory calls this “White Privilege”, but something is wrong in Antigo. No one is charged with killing Kevin Harris, yet there were only two people in the car. Either it was Kayla or Cody that initially struck Kevin Harris in that alley. Kayla stated that Cody hit Kevin.

The videos tendered by Antigo PD show that Kayla had knowledge of Kevin being struck in the alley and she asks the cop if “Kevin is OK” and the cop says “no”. Kayla lied about the maroon-ish Dodge Stratus. Kayla should have been charged as a “part to a crime”, being vehicular homicide.  However, it looks doubtful that anyone will ever be charged with killing Kevin Harris. This situation is being swept under a rug.


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