City of Neenah Police Officers Hoffer and Ross shot Michael Funk without warning. Funk, 60, was killed on Dec. 5, 2015, after he escaped out the back of Eagle Nation Cycles where he and two others were being held hostage by accused gunman Brian T. Flatoff in a dispute over a motorcycle.

Dash cam footage video of the shooting shows Funk tumbled out the building while Flatoff shot at him from inside. Funk rose to his feet, drew his handgun, looked back toward Flatoff the gunman who was holding the men hostage inside a building, then turned to run and was shot by Officers Hoffer and Ross. Funk had his back turned trying to run away from the gun man when officers shot and killed him.

Funk’s partner Steven Erato Owner of the Eagle Nation Cycles has filed a 50 million dollar civil rights lawsuit against the city of Neenah, Neenah police and Winnebago County that has been thrown out. I recently spoke to Steven Erato who is still fighting to get justice for Funk. Erato told me that his partner was wrongfully killed and wants Justice for Michael Funk and his family.

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